Atlas Ocean Systems Finishes 1:50th Scale Testing at the University of Michigan!

We have had a very busy several months culminating in our Gate 2 Technical and Numerical Analysis submittal followed immediately by our 1:50th testing at the University of Michigan’s Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory.  While the numerical analysis was quite a challenge given the unique properties of our device, the model and test program were a fantastic experience!  The MHL is run by Dr. Steven Zalek and is staffed with some of the most helpful, resourceful, and skilled technicians we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. The MHL is a very slick operation with a large well maintained primary wave tank with a top notch data system including 3D tracking camera system.  We can’t thank Dr. Zalek and his team enough for such a positive experience.  Our model appeared to perform very well, producing excellent results despite the difficulty of scaling pneumatic systems.  We are eager to get our data after all the other teams have tested!  Images and videos will follow.  Best of luck to all the other teams and our best wishes for a rewarding and fun testing experience!